ASYFAIR Germany Data Set

Example of ASYFAIR dataset notes on DRYAD

ASYFAIR Germany data set: Asylum adjudication in Germany (2018/19)

Nicole Hoellerer and Nick Gill (2021)

ASYFAIR is committed to share anonymised data with researchers, in order to continue the important research on asylum adjudication. We have therefore shared our quantitative data set on Germany on the open access data repository DRYAD.

The Data Set

The data made available is based on a quantitative survey conducted in conjuncture with ethnographic court observations at German courts from 2018-2019. The survey tool builds on the previous work in the UK by Dr. Gill, and was completed by Dr. Hoellerer, who was responsible for conducting ethnographic observations in Germany. The data set has been anonymised and edited for data analysis.

The data set contains:

  • ASYFAIR Germany Quantitative Data Set
  • Data set notes (descriptions of each variable in the data set)
  • A copy of the original ASYFAIR survey tool

The data set is likely to be of interest both to academic communities like geographers, legal and border scholars, and anthropologists, as well as to policy makers and activists working in refugee status determination.

Usage of Data: Individuals who use the ASYFAIR data set, are requested to cite the data set (e.g. DOI) made available on DRYAD.

Hoellerer, Nicole and Gill, Nick (2021) ASYFAIR Germany dataset: Asylum adjudication in Germany (2018/19), Dryad, Dataset,

This data set is open access, available here.