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We are in the process of submitting numerous articles to academic journals. You can see a list of all relevant publications below, and follow the tabs for abstracts.



Nick Gill, Jennifer Allsopp, Andrew Burridge, Dan Fisher, Melanie Griffiths, Jessica Hambly, Nicole Hoellerer, Natalia Paszkiewicz, Rebecca Rotter (2020) What’s missing from legal geography and materialist studies of law? Absence and the assembling of asylum appeal hearings in Europe. Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers; 00: 1– 15. Full text [open access] (and see here)

Hynes, J, Gill, N, Tomlinson, J. (2020) In defence of the hearing? Emerging geographies of publicness, materiality, access and communication in court hearings. Geography Compass. Full text  [open access] (and see here)

Hambly, J., & Gill, N. (2020) Law and Speed: Asylum Appeals and the Techniques and Consequences of Legal Quickening. Journal of Law and Society47(1), 3-28. Full text [open access] (and see here)


Fisher D., Burridge A., Gill N. (2019). The Political Mobilities of Reporting: Tethering, slickness and asylum control. Mobilities. Full text  [open access] (and see here)

Gill N., Fisher D., Hynes J. (2019). 25 years of protest: migration control and the power of local activism. Geography 104, 134-140 [primarily for school pupils e.g. those studying geography. Available on request]


Hambly, J. (2018) Cut-Price Justice at the French National Asylum Court. Oxford Border Criminologies Blog. Full text (and see here)

Gill, Nick & Good, Anthony (Eds) (2018). Asylum Determination in Europe Ethnographic Perspectives. [Open Access], Palgrave Macmillan.  Full text  [open access] (and see here)

Gill, Nick & Good, Anthony(2018). Introduction. In: Gill N., Good A. (Eds.) Asylum Determination in Europe: Ethnographic Perspectives, Palgrave Macmillan.

Gill, Nick (2018). Conclusion. In: Gill N., Good A. (Eds.) Asylum Determination in Europe: Ethnographic Perspectives, Palgrave Macmillan.

Giannopoulou, Chrisa & Gill, Nick (2018). Asylum Procedures in Greece: the Case of Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Minors. In: Gill N., Good A. (Eds.) Asylum Determination in Europe: Ethnographic Perspectives, Palgrave Macmillan, 109-130.

Gill, N. (2018).The suppression of welcome. Fennia – International Journal of Geography, 196(1), 88-98. Full text [open access]


Related Publications

The following list of publications are not part of the ASYFAIR project, but are related to previous projects by the PI Dr. Nick Gill and other ASYFAIR team members and affiliates. 

  • Allsopp J., Burridge A., Griffiths M., Gill N., Rotter R. (2017). Inside Britain’s asylum appeal system – what it’s like to challenge the Home Office. Web link.
  • Burridge A. & Gill N. (2017). Conveyor-Belt Justice: Precarity, Access to Justice and Geographies of Legal Aid in Asylum Appeals. Antipode, 49, 23-42. Full text
  • Cranston R. (2018). Immigration and Asylum Appeals – a Fresh Look. JUSTICE, London. Author URL
  • Gill N. (2019). Unsettling Work. Dialogues in Human Geography, 9(1), 106-109.
  • Gill N., Allsopp J., Burridge A., Griffiths M., Paszkiewicz N., Rotter R. (2019). Law, Presence and Refugee Claim Determination. In: Mitchell K., Jones R., Fluri J. (Eds.) Handbook on Critical Geographies of Migration, Edward Elgar.
  • Gill N. (2018). The suppression of welcome. Fennia – International Journal of Geography, 196(1), 88-98. Full text
  • Gill N., Fisher D., Smith J., Burridge A. (2018). Written evidence to the Home Affairs Committee immigration detention inquiry 2018.
  • Gill N., Rotter R., Burridge A., Allsopp J. (2017). The limits of procedural discretion: Unequal treatment and vulnerability in Britain’s asylum appeals. Social and Legal Studies. Full text
  • Gill N., Rotter R., Burridge A., Allsopp J., Griffiths M. (2016). The consolations of linguistic incomprehension: Interpretation and communication in British asylum appeal hearings. Anthropology Today.
  • Gill N., Rotter R., Burridge A., Griffiths M., Allsopp J. (2015). Inconsistency in asylum appeal adjudication. Forced Migration Review, 50, 52-54. Full text
  • Scheinert, L. (2017). Collapsing Discourses in Refugee Protection Policies. Exploring the Case of Germany’s Temporary Humanitarian Admission Programmes.  Movements – Journal for Critical Migration and Border Regime Studies 3 (1). Full text
  • [German] Scheinert, L. (2016). Sichere Einreise: Deutschlands Aufnahmeprogramme für syrische Flüchtlinge 2013-2015 und ihre Folgen für Asylpolitik und Flüchtlingszuwanderung. Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung Kurzdossiers – Flucht und Asyl: Grundlagen. Web link
  • Singer D. & Gill N. (2018). Your Asylum Appeal Hearing: Information to Help. Author URL.


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