ASYFAIR Conference: Call For Papers

Adjudicating Refugee Claims in Practice: Advocacy and Experience at Asylum Court Appeals


The call for papers has closed.

Immigration judges are tasked with the highly challenging job of deciding an asylum claim in an imperfect informational environment where evidence, expertise, testimonies and even the ability to reason intuitively about country of origin conditions and particular cases can be highly constrained. If this was not challenging enough, asylum appeal caseloads increased markedly across Europe in 2017 and 2018, putting strain on the capacities of Europe’s judiciary to deal with the challenges of adjudication effectively. The policy context is continuously evolving, the linguistic challenges are manifold, the political environment is often problematic, and the stakes are high in terms of the personal safety of refugees and the integrity of European countries’ claims to uphold their international obligations to people forced to migrate to find safety.

The conference will take place 30 June – 2 July 2021, and will be fully online (via Zoom).

The Call for Papers has closed on 12 March 2021. Thank you for your submission.

The event will be free to attend (i.e. no registration fee), and registration will begin on 04 May 2021. Further information about the event on the Conference page.

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Pre-recorded video presentation

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We understand that some presenters may experience technical problems (e.g. lack of reliable internet connection), may struggle to attend due to time differences, or cannot make it on the day. We therefore offer presenters the possibility to submit pre-recorded video presentations.

If you want to present via a pre-recorded video presentation, please note that the presentation should be no longer than 15 – 20 minutes, should have an adequate audio and visual quality, and should be submitted in .mp4 format.

If you want to submit a video presentation, please specify this in your abstract submission.

We welcome contributions by former and current asylum seekers who have experience with asylum appeals at courts in European countries. If you are a refugee who would like to participate in the conference and share your experiences, please email ASYFAIR at Further information on audio/visual participation for refugees in Spring 2021.

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